Lone Pine English L& Tans. LONE PINE RABBITRY
  We are very excited to be raising & showing rabbits. I choose the English Lops & Mini Lopss. I just love their long ears. They have very nice personalities.They make good family pets.I will be posting information about the breed down further on this page for you.

   I made my 2nd choice the Tans, I raise the Blue & Lilac Variety . Tans are sleek and sophisticated looking. They remind me of Doberman's with that same chiseled face, sleek body and even the same color. The Tans come in Black, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac color.  They do show off at shows they pose as if their saying "look at me".
            They will do very good at the new Event of Rabbit Agility
                             Breed Standards  & Background Of The English Lop's

  The English Lop may be the oldest breed of domestic rabbit known to man. It's origin is lost in the mist of time. Research has found it existed by 1700. Records indicate that it was exhibited in the British Isles in 1846. Little is known of the development of this fascinating breed of rabbits which is know as the "King Of The Fancy". Like most breeds, there are many interesting stories about them. The English Lop is probably the best known breed of Lop. There are others, among them being the Swiss Ram, Danish Lops and French Lops. At one time, there were even varieties such as the Half Lop, a rabbit with only one ear lopped over; Horn Lops, Lops with ears twisted such as those on a Ram; and many that were created or shown for one reason or another. English Lops revoked the most favor in England and for many years, it was almost unheard of for any rabbit but the Lop to take the coveted "Best In Show" award. The English Lop is a challenge to all who raise them. Perhaps the English are a bit too fancy for the novice rabbit breeder, however the reward for breeding a show winning English Lop gives one self-satisfaction and accomplishment.

                                Breed Standard & Background Of The Tan's

Breed Description;
Weighing about 4 to 6lbs pounds, Tan rabbits make a good show animal. The undersides of this rabbit, which include the tail, stomach, chin, and ears, are colored in "tan" fur (almost more of a bright orange). The rest of the rabbit is colored in black, blue, brown, or lilac. They are a full-arched breed and are to run on the table during judging at shows. They are complete "SHOW OFF'S" They have won Best of Show the   6yrs in UK. They also win their fair share of
                                          Best of Show here too.

They attracted great attention and spread rapidly to most Countries.

               History Of Raising Rabbits

In the 1800s, as animal fancy in general began to emerge, rabbit fanciers began to attend rabbit shows in Western Europe and the United States. Breeds were created and modified for the purpose of exhibition, a departure from the breeds that had been created for food, fur, or wool. The rabbit's emergence as a household pet began during the Victorian era. The domestic rabbit continues to be popular as a show animal and pet. Rabbit shows occur in many places and are sanctioned in Canada and the United States by the American Rabbit Breeders' Association (ARBA).

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Rowdy as a Jr. He won 5 legs this year.